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Social Workers

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Social Workers


Social Workers in Drug Abuser Treatment Center 

Social workers in this Center are professional staff passing national high-level examination and are subordinate to Ministry of Justice. Social workers, who provide professional assistance to others, carry out the evaluation by systematic method in terms of such scopes as social relation, employment adaptability, family relation and social resources of people receiving rehabilitation treatment, and provide proper treatment in order to resolve their troubles or problems of adaptation, allowing the inmates to move toward self-growth, and increasing the ability to encounter living crisis.  In addition, they strengthen track-counseling mechanism to prevent from recommitment.  

What services now social workers provide?

Direct and indirect investigation and photographing businesses

Various direct and indirect investigations will be made to every inmate after entering this Center, including family’s understanding of the person receiving rehabilitation treatment, and the investigation information of police bureau where is the jurisdiction the inmate under in order to establish the basic information of the inmate.

Evaluation of social work treatment needs

In order to promote the effects of rehabilitation treatment, evaluate social relation, employment adaptability, family relation, leisure and social resources of inmates, and complete family map, working history and drug taking history by interview as the basis for continuous design of various treatment plans.

Case work

In order to accommodate the respective differences among cases, it’s expected to provide direct and effective service through professional case work.  The case resource may come from self-application by people receiving rehabilitation treatment, from active discovery by social workers after evaluation, or referral by other working staff.

Group work

Design the group program depending on the inmate’s actual need, so that the inmates are expected to share experiences via group and learn new mode to respond new problems in order to concretize rehabilitation treatment plan, and further upgrade the efficacy of rehabilitation treatment.

Lecturing in each period

Provide such essential knowledge as hygienic education, employment and career planning; it’s expected to establish relation with people receiving rehabilitation treatment, and effectively provide related social resources in order to complement with professional counseling.

Hygienic education seminar for family of people receiving rehabilitation treatment

In order to strengthen the dissemination of knowledge related to drug abstention, to increase the family’s support to people receiving rehabilitation treatment and to build referral and counseling channels of social recourses, the social workers of this Center hold the hygienic education seminar for family of inmates, coordinating special festivals, as so to increase the communication between this Center and family of inmates.  

Employment of social resources

Establish cooperative channels and referral mechanism with such public and private social institutions as National Bureau of Controlled Drugs, Department of Health, Taiwan, ROC, Bureau of Social Affairs of County/City Government, Red Heart Association, Employment Service Stations and Training Center etc. in order to help the inmates who have the need.

Track counseling after leaving this Center

After the inmates return to society, social workers of this Center will go through continuous related services, including regards for leaving, providing employment information, psychological counseling, and referral of social sources etc. The inmates after leaving this Center may actively contact social workers of this Center for any question.

After-care business

In special festivals, this Center will cooperate with Taiwan After-Care Association to hold related cultural/recreational activities, in order to release the inmates’ emotion so that allow them to feel the concerns from this Center and other organizations; to the inmates who has left this Center, the social workers will provide such services as the subsidy for travel expense, seeking medical advice, studying at school, arrangement of residence, care of seniors, emergency aid and small loan for starting an enterprise.

Participation of medical integration cooperation plan for rehabilitation treatment made by medical system and this Center.

Other administrative or special business of this Center, for instance, handling and assistance of research plan or various cultural/recreational and counseling activities.




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