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Ping-Lin Drug Abuser Treatment Center is the predecessor of the center. It was established on January-1st-2004 and was transferred from Ping-ling Branch of Sindian Prison of Ministry of National Defense for establishing an independent drug abuser treatment center in Northern Taiwan.

Due to fail in the evaluation of environment impacts the center had been moved to the present place and was renamed to Sindian Drug Abuser Treatment Center on January-1st-2006 which mainly takes in male inmates receiving forced rehabilitation in Northern Taiwan.

It has also set up the subsidiary organization Sindian Branch of Taipei Prison which takes in male prisoners under 10 years of imprisonment. On January 1, 2011, the center is again renamed to Sindian rehabilitation penalty center as the ancillary organization taking in the Drug Abuser Treatment Center, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice which has inmates sentenced to rehabilitation penalty in northern Taiwan.

The center’s statutory capacity in the person space is 1169. It is divided into four rehabilitation sections: the first to take in the inmates receiving forced rehabilitation, the second the inmates receiving rehabilitation penalty and new inmates, the third the drug-addicted prisoners, and the forth the prisoners receiving the work regarded as labor.

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