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Organization and Business

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Responsibility of secretary

1. Program planning.

2. To assign work to different units and to be on behalf of chief.

3. Coordination for different sections.

4. The management of administrative affairs.

5. To prepare, attend, or host a meeting.

6. Others


Responsibility of the guard and control section

1. Key management and security.

2. The usage, practice, and management of weapons, protective tools, and fire control equipments.

3. Management and allocation of inmates’ food, clothes, beds, and convenience goods.

4. Implementation of the business related to hygiene.

5. To search inmate’s body and belonging, and to investigate, punish, and reward inmate’s behaviors.

6. To deal with inmate’s visit, mailing, and item receiving.

7. Monitory and management of cells and factories.

8. To transfer inmates and to chase escapees.

9. Other guard and control related business.


Responsibility of Assistance and guidance section

1. Counseling, teaching and education to Inmates who receive rehabilitation treatment.

2. evaluation at different stages.

3. Submission the application of treatment accomplishment.

4. To hold a activity and to give some physical training to Inmates who receive rehabilitation treatment.

5. To give an guidance to inmate’s assembly and to manage different section.

6. Vocational evaluation and training to Inmates who receive rehabilitation treatment.

7. coaching and work assignment to Inmates who receive rehabilitation treatment.

8. Cooperative education and employment counseling after discharge.

9. Publication reading, management, and publishing.

10. others.


Responsibility of social work section

1. To give guidance to new comers.

2. To give direct or indirect investigation.

3. To collect inmate’s fingerprints and pictures.

4. To evaluate inmate’s family, social relationship and to make an intervation.

5. To use social resource.

6. To follow up after discharge.

7. Others.


Responsibility of sanitation and health section

1. To give a guidance to health plans and facilities.

2. To give a prevention training and treatment training.

3. To give a physical examination and urine collection and urine test.

4. To give a psychological counseling, psychotherapy and treatment.

5. To manage Medical rooms.

6. To check environmental sanitation and give a sanitary guidance.

7. To manage and reserve medicine and to manage medical devices.

8. To give addiction treatment.

9. To report illness or death of inmates.

10. Others.


Responsibility of general affair section

1. File management and seal management.

2. The affair related to the cashier, property, construction and repair, procurement and management.

3. Admission, discharge and various fee charging and belonging keeping for inmates who receive rehabilitation treatment.

4. Affairs related to edit and manage identity books.

5. Affairs related to food payment, keeping, and calculating, and reporting.

6. Benefits planning and supervision for inmates; to deal with the aftermath of death.

7. The management of public property.

8. The management of manual worker, driver and etc.

9. Affairs which not belong to other sections.


Personnel office is dealing with personal-related business

Accounting office is dealing with accounting-related business

Government ethics office is dealing with civil service ethic related business

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