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Clinical Psychologists

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Clinical Psychologists


Clinical Psychologists in Taiwan Sindian Drug Abuser Treatment Center 

Who are clinical psychologists?

Clinical psychologists are professional workers who apply psychological principles and methods to understand and change individuals in order to assist the same people more exactly in understanding their own emotion and mood and in knowing their won thinking and behavior, by that even plan a beautiful future. 

What clinical psychologists do?

Clinical psychologists understand individual emotion, thinking and behavior, via   such professional way of psychological assessment, and further understand individual demands or questions and then provide proper service and assistance, for instance, individual psychological therapy, group psychological therapy and hygienic education etc with final purpose to establish better and healthier life for individuals. 

Clinical psychologists and people receiving rehabilitation treatment

To assist a drug addict, not only must treat his/her abstention symptoms (both physiological and psychological indisposition caused by drug stopping), but also include the counseling of psychological construction and family environment, because addiction is always closely linked with three factors of physiology (the change of neuro-biochemical reaction etc.), psychology (family stress, low stress tolerance and insufficient social adaptability etc.) and society (complicated human relationship and cultural influence etc.), in this regards, clinical psychologists apply psychological principles and methods to evaluate and understand the psychology and pathology of people receiving rehabilitation treatment in order to assist the same people in awaking of and resisting the craving for drug, increasing the capital of social and living adaptability, and then being able to establish healthier life, finally being away from drug is possible, by means of such processes as hygienic education of concept concerning drug abstention, the training of skill to accommodate human stress, and assistance of self-exploration and self-understanding. 

How to find clinical psychologists?

The inmates in this Center may actively apply for receiving psychological therapy, guidance or counseling. After leaving this Center, may ask for help about related rehabilitation or psychological problems from clinical psychologists of medical institutions, for example, Addiction Prevention Department, Songde Branch, Taipei City Hospital(02)2728-5791, Taoyuan Mental Hospital, Department of Health (03)369-8553and Bali Psychiatric Center, Department of Health(02)2610-1660.



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