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Sanitation & Medical Services

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Sanitation and Medical Services

Medical Services: the center signs the contract with the hospitals to provide family medicine, infection disease, smoking cessation and psychiatric out-patient clinics in the center on workdays. The inmates including ones with AIDS can also pay to see a dentist within. If there is any disease that can’t be dealt with, the patients will be sent to the contracted hospital to get treatment. Depending on the severity of the diseases, the patients will be hospitalized, moved to Medical Section subsidiary to Taichung Prison or get medical treatment on bail.

Health Care: The new inmates will take the chest X-ray examination, urine tests for drugs, blood tests for HIV and syphilis. They will also get health examination periodically. The inmates with disease or need special care will be listed in the roster and supervised and see a doctor regularly. Hoping through the arrangement, the inmates can get the best care and medication  

Hygiene Education: the center holds the hygiene education about AIDS prevention and treatment, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and the treatment of urgent diseases for staff and invites the medical professionals to give the hygiene education to the inmates.

Rehabilitation Penalty Affairs: the rehabilitation penalty center sets up exclusive wards and consulting rooms and invites the psychiatrists, medical professionals and professionals in counseling and guidance to form a medical team to provide medical services to inmates receiving rehabilitation penalty  and evaluate them the tendency to use the drugs again.




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